Say Hello To Our
Kick-Ass Community.

If there’s one thing we make a big deal of at ATCK Fitness, it’s that we’re one big , family! So we make sure you’re gonna love the guys and girls running the show….

From the class coaches to the management staff, every one of our team members has been hand-picked because they’re pretty darn awesome (not to mention experienced!) – and they’ve helped get some truly incredible results for their clients.

So… Why not join the tribe?

Our Team Are More Than Trainers... They’re Your New Best Buds!

Can you think of anything worse than those cold, boring personal trainers who stand at the front of gym classes and just bark orders at you for 45 minutes? We didn’t think so… At ATCK Fitness, we love kicking those repetitive, soulless classes to the curb. And all of our trainers genuinely care about your personal fitness goals.

We make sessions as fun and engaging as possible. And our trainers make a real effort to learn who you are, what you want to achieve and how they can get you there. Sure, they might start off as ‘just your kickboxing coach’ but you’ll soon form special friendships as you train together and grow in our amazing community!

Meet The Brains (And The Brawn!) Behind ATCK Fitness...


Founder, Owner & CEO

Martial arts-mad Alti is proud to be our Founder. And look no further to find out why we focus on hardcore, high-energy workouts that make you healthy, happy and ready to take on the world. Because Alti’s seen it all…

After coming to America and living the dream of starting his own business, Alti put his personality into everything we do here at ATCK. We’re about family, friendship and finally pushing ourselves to the limit to improve our personal circumstances.

From keeping you accountable to giving you a helping hand when you need it most, Alti is the head of our community who can’t sleep at night unless he knows our clients are enjoying fun, friendly kickboxing sessions that really make an impact.


Executive Director of Operations

Management team by day… Complete badass by night! Julie has been an absolute powerhouse, walking inspiration and never-ending source of positive energy since she started at ATCK Fitness 7 years ago.

When she isn’t running our awesome company or getting her heart pumping in classes, you’ll find her competing in bikini competition shows – just like NPC Boston’s Fall Classic where she placed 3rd in the open bikini class. Pretty sweet, right?

Along with her super-energetic lifestyle, the best thing about Julie is that she’s always smiling and fits perfectly with ATCK’s values. When she walks into a room everyone just feels warmer (and not just because they’re working extra hard on the bags!)


General Manager &
Brand Development

Danielle is all about high-energy, goal-crushing classes. She’s a natural leader and a true inspiration to everyone she teaches. Trust us, her passion is absolutely infectious! You’ll be kicking bags and throwing hands like never before…

Oh – and don’t let her size fool you. She might be small but Danielle is one of the hardest workers on and off the mat. She seriously packs a punch! If she’s not at the front of the class, you’ll probably see her on the bag next to you going to town.

A former college softball player and ATCK Fitness General Manager for the last 7 years, Danielle knows exactly what it means to be an athlete and gets a huge kick out of helping people push themselves to the limit and achieve their fitness goals.

Whether you want to build muscle, tone your stomach, lose a few pounds or just smack a bag around and throw some punches – we can help you do it in just 45 days with our exciting, engaging fitness sessions.

And there’s no better time to start than now, right? If ATCK Fitness sounds like the right place for you, we’ve got two amazing offers to get you started…

So… Are You
Ready To Invest
In Yourself?


(one-time payment)


  • Gym tour and induction
  • Unlimited classes for 3 days
  • Pair of professional hand wraps
  • Personal coach for your first class


(one-time payment)


  • Gym tour and induction
  • Unlimited classes for days
  • Pair of professional hand wraps
  • Personal coach for your first class


ATCK Fitness is all about involvement in our kickboxing family as a group and achievement of your targets as an individual. We want to make sure you’ve always got something to work towards. That’s why we introduced ‘The Glove Club’.

When you complete your first 100 classes, you’ll be awarded a complimentary pair of gloves to show that you’ve reached your first milestone. You can keep going all the way up to 1,000 classes (yes, seriously) with a different color glove for each rank.

Reach that 1k mark? you’ll become an ATCK Fitness ‘Pinnacle’ member, and get 50% off your membership. Reach 2k? You’ll be labelled an official ATCK Fitness ‘Legend’ and receive the coveted golden glove – giving you free classes for life.

Whichever level you’re working towards, The Glove Club encourages personal growth, commitment and a sense of community – and that’s what we love more than anything at ATCK Fitness. You deserve the recognition for your hard work!