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At ATCK Fitness, we’ve built an environment where you can feel comfortable and confident getting a sweat on. If you want fun, friendly (and heart-pounding!) kickboxing classes that transform your mind,
body and life – come join our family!

The ATCK Golden Rule... Good Vibes Only!

There’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in the gym – people staring, making sly comments or judging your every move. Well, there’s absolutely none of that here at ATCK Fitness… And we take a zero-tolerance approach to negativity!

Our mission is for everyone to feel their best, give it their all and get ready to kick ass in every training session. That’s why all of our studios have the same focus – building a team environment that helps you find a balance between your life and your fitness. We create empowering, engaging workouts that put a smile on your face.

We’ve created an inclusive community where anyone and everyone can come and train with friendly, familiar faces. Seriously, being part of ATCK Fitness is like being part of one big family! You can march into the studio with your shoulders back – completely comfortable in your own skin – ready to get real, measurable results.

From 8 To 8,000! Here’s
How We Became The Go-To Fitness Studio For Wannabe Kickboxers Across Massachusetts...



With just over a decade of Martial Arts practice, our Founder, Alti Dasilveira, had fallen in love with the practice. Under the mentorship of his Grandmaster Pina and Master Jorge Alves, he decided to start his own academy, America’s Best Defense.

Sure, things weren’t easy to start with… Alti was out most mornings handing out flyers, meeting parents, talking to local reps and just generally shouting from the rooftops about how much people were gonna love what he had to offer.

It was a real lesson in persistence and perseverance. And sure enough, it paid off… In the space of just five years, what started as a humble academy of just 8 students had grown into a community program with more than 1,000 happy clients.


Things were going pretty great… But then the economy took a turn for the worse. Real estate prices went through the roof, rent skyrocketed and Alti struggled to find a space for his growing student base – without breaking the bank.

He just didn’t know how to keep his academy (and his business!) moving forward when there was so much uncertainty in the market. So… He did what any ambitious entrepreneur would do… He adapted to his new circumstances.

After being introduced to an up-and-coming franchise, Alti attended a seminar that opened his eyes to a major opportunity. He realised that combining kickboxing and cardio could be a great way to keep his business going…


Alti became an operating location for a rising kickboxing franchise and opened up a whole new demographic for his classes. It was a decision that paved the way for our studios today – so we’re pretty grateful he did it! It just made sense…

Rather than just teaching karate, which mainly focused on instilling discipline in young children, he was now able to offer some serious fitness training that appealed to pretty much anyone who wanted to get in shape and shed some pounds.

Alti had all bases covered – a karate academy for kids and our kickboxing studio, ATCK Fitness, for adults. Business was booming. Oh – and throughout all this he was still studying for his 4th-degree blackbelt (so don’t underestimate this guy!)


If he’d fallen in love with karate in 2007, this was something else… Alti was obsessed with coaching. And by his own admission, his hunger to help others fed his hunger to help himself! He decided to do something he’d been putting off for far too long…

He started his journey into the bodybuilding world! Look, Alti’s in great shape but this was serious competition. And in Jay Cutler’s NPC show, Alti placed 3rd in the Men’s Physique Division at his very first attempt. And things got better from there.

Alti wanted to learn as much as possible about the human body and testing its limits. And just a few months after his first show, he walked away from the WNBF Natural Bodybuilder show with 1st place (seriously – do NOT underestimate this guy!)


This was a big year for Alti – and for us at ATCK Fitness! Kickboxing was doing so well that Alti had a big decision to make. Double down? Or keep things as they are. It wasn’t easy, but America’s Best Defense – where it all began – was shut down.

But it wasn’t sad news – quite the opposite, actually. The demand for kickboxing was so high – and he’d reached such a niche market – that Alti just couldn’t commit his time to both practices. Pretty good problem to have in business, right?

He started to take things to the next level, opening his second franchise location in Saugus, MA and continuing to compete at the highest level of bodybuilding, placing 5th in Jay Cutler’s NPC show. Things were looking pretty good…


Over the next few years, Alti made some incredible progress. He placed in the top 5 (Miami) and won 1st place (Hollywood) in the WBFF Male Fitness Model Divisions – receiving his PRO card and becoming officially recognized as a male fitness model.

And all the while ATCK Fitness was getting some incredible results for our clients. But rather than expand too quickly, Alti wanted to make sure his first two locations were performing at the highest level and delivering on his promise for fun, friendly fitness.

Sure enough, they were… And the opportunity soon came to open a third location in Methuen, MA. This got some heads turning for sure! Popularity was at an all-time high and Alti was named ‘Influencer of The Year’ at the annual Franchise Summit.


In the 12 months that followed, we’d gained huge success in our three locations with more than 4,000 members. Even better, demand was so high that close to 300 people were registering their interest every single month…

And the recognition kept coming… ATCK Methuen was named 2017’s ‘Rookie of The Year’, ATCK Quincy received the ‘Top Grossing Studio’ award and Alti became the ‘Owner of The Year’ – there was barely enough time to catch our breath!

To cap off the strongest year to date, Alti acquired another franchise location, this time in Fitchburg, MA and continued to build his portfolio. But the message never changed… ATCK Fitness was all about staying healthy with a smile on your face.


By 2020, we’d grown to six locations across Massachusetts including Hanover and Stoughton. ATCK Fitness was a nationally-known brand and we were on our way to achieving Alti’s goal – creating an inclusive, results-focused fitness community.

Today, our mission remains the same. ATCK Fitness helps you build strength, develop confidence and get the toned physique you’ve always wanted through fun, friendly group kickboxing sessions - without the pressure or judgement of normal gyms.

In a way, all of our members are a lot like Alti himself. They’re fun, open-minded and willing to make a positive change in their life. Oh – and they love giving a bag a good whack after a stressful day at home or in the office…

Whether you want to build muscle, tone your stomach, lose a few pounds or just smack a bag around and throw some punches – we can help you do it in just 45 days with our exciting, engaging fitness sessions.

And there’s no better time to start than now, right? If ATCK Fitness sounds like the right place for you, we’ve got two amazing offers to get you started…

So… Are You
Ready To Invest
In Yourself?


(one-time payment)


  • Gym tour and induction
  • Unlimited classes for 3 days
  • Pair of professional hand wraps
  • Personal coach for your first class


(one-time payment)


  • Gym tour and induction
  • Unlimited classes for days
  • Pair of professional hand wraps
  • Personal coach for your first class


ATCK Fitness is all about involvement in our kickboxing family as a group and achievement of your targets as an individual. We want to make sure you’ve always got something to work towards. That’s why we introduced ‘The Glove Club’.

When you complete your first 100 classes, you’ll be awarded a complimentary pair of gloves to show that you’ve reached your first milestone. You can keep going all the way up to 1,000 classes (yes, seriously) with a different color glove for each rank.

Reach that 1k mark? you’ll become an ATCK Fitness ‘Pinnacle’ member, and get 50% off your membership. Reach 2k? You’ll be labelled an official ATCK Fitness ‘Legend’ and receive the coveted golden glove – giving you free classes for life.

Whichever level you’re working towards, The Glove Club encourages personal growth, commitment and a sense of community – and that’s what we love more than anything at ATCK Fitness. You deserve the recognition for your hard work!